by Hex Appeal

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released December 1, 2014

Jammys (they/them): keyboard, drums, vocals
Gray (she/her): guitar, drums, vocals
Chia (they/them): bass, vocals

Recorded and mixed by Nick Emard in the Fairhaven Studio



all rights reserved


Hex Appeal Bellingham, Washington

A temper tantrum fueled dance party.

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Track Name: Spell #1
armor made of thorns, armor made of diamonds
diamonds cold and sharp and beautiful
armor made of patches, armor made of gender
genders secret and unknowable

i see my reflection in your armor
you are reflected in my armor
your sounds resonate through me
my sounds resonate through you
see me see you
see me see you
creation and destruction

we are the wildfires
we are the fir trees x2

we are the phoenixes
see you see me
see you see me
see you see me
Track Name: Bad Ghouls Club
kiss sluts, ruin dudes
have a bad attitude
three rules for ghouls

make out with my grave
phantoms misbehave
suck my ghost dick
ghoulfriends take no shit

unladylike, undead
unfit to be wed

do you believe in love after life?

gay ghouls ruin dudes
one true love, gay ghoul love

no homo? so homo.
soooo gay…
not gay as in happy, but queer as in fuck you
not gas as in happy, but queer as in fuck me
sooooooo gay
Track Name: A Curse 4 U
you can’t get my songs out of your head
suddenly you want me when you’re lying in your bed
as you grow cold, I’m wearing your sweater
you’re hung up on me and I’m finding something better

that tattoo you want is already infected
don’t pursue them you’re already rejected
you can try and skip town but then you’ll see
this curse will follow you instead of me

this is a curse for you
it’s the last gift I’ll give to you

I don’t wanna see you at the grocery store
don’t try to talk to me at the show
you don’t exist to me anymore
won’t forgive, won’t forget
no no no
Track Name: Got(h) That Wild
I prefer the moonrise to the sunrise
When what is wearing the wolf out of me is life
everyone’s got that wild threaded through their tendons like thick brush
like thick overcast skies
everyone’s got that wild threaded through their tendons like thick brush
like the color of my name
Gray’s not a color but a shade
a lesser acknowledged way to be painted

paint me black, hold everything inside of me

how clearly you can see into the waves before they break
look into me
I’ve got bat wings and I’m shapeshifting
The echo of engines are carrying me
I’m not written in stone, my atoms are rearranging as I-
go, go, going gone
paint me black, hold everything inside of me
Track Name: Flames to Fields
words are your weapons and you’ve marked me
like a dog marks a tree
a world built for you on my breaking back
it distorts all i see

you built me like this, i wanna tear you down
you polluted blue seas, i wanna make you drown

the name you give me’s not my own, you made a stranger
not my body’s not my home (a ghost is my remainder)

invade my identity, possess my body
there is no i without you
invade my identity, possess my body
there is no safe space i’ll never be at home

set flames to fields where i was grown
Track Name: Villainzzz
I’m gonna kill your good vibes
I’m gonna ruin your good time
I’m not about to give in
dare you to make me your villain

head of snakes and warts and scales
tentacles and horns and tails

you called me hideous, I’ll be insidious
you’re the fairest of them all, I’m the stepsister at the ball
your fairy tale, your glass shoe
I don’t wanna be like you

no kisses, just curses
no kingdoms, just caves
no princes, just potions
no funerals, just graves

dance til you die

mirror mirror on the wall
who’s the fairest of them all?
it won’t be me I know for sure
cuz I will never look like her
she’s just a fiction written by men
with 2.5 children and a picket fence
I’ll smash the mirror I’ll poison the fruit
you’ll put me in your, iron shoes
I’ll dance til death but never for you